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School Programs

Created for schools, in collaboration with schools

"I think the depth which tutors went into for each  session was great...overall I found the sessions very helpful and I am very grateful that I got the opportunity to participate." - Year 12 VCE Student

VCE Lectures beyond revision

Student & Teacher Approved

96% of student requested additional sessions after our initial session with them.

Data from June 2020

Collaboration with Staff

We work closely with faculty & staff to ensure our content seamlessly complements what is taught in class and help teachers target identified problem areas.

Content Application Focussed

We believe to truly understand a concept, students must apply it.

 With increased focus on application, our sessions enable students to up-skill in practical elements and excel in assessments.

It's easy to get started. Simply reach out for a free consult.

Go Further with our Student Advancement Workshops

Student Workshops

Tailored to the needs of your students.

Mix and match from the modules below and modify content or request a module to be designed specifically for your school.

Whatever you choose, we'll provide free initial consults and post-program data analysis providing key student insights.

You'll also have an assigned team member working specifically with you throughout your engagement with us.


It's all part of our process, and the reason why schools, individuals, organisations and councils alike trust us with our programs.

  • Prepare your students for a different set of expectations and more independent learning

  • Enable them to develop the skills necessary for further studies

  • Provide insight to the challenges of tertiary studies and how to overcome them

Adapting to Tertiary Education
  • Designed for year 11/12 students preparing for life beyond school

  • Run in small groups of 10-15 our interactive activities allow for in-depth reflection and discussion

  • Help orient your students and align their academic motivations with their future goals

Goal Setting
Study Skills
  • Study skills are an important aspect to excelling academically

  • Equip your students with the skills to excel

  • Reduce the stress on individuals by increasing their study and learning efficacy

Mental Health 
  • Designed in consultation with Masters of Clinical Psychology students & people with lived experience

  • Aims to break down stigma and barriers for students in seeking assistance

  • Creates a safe space to discuss topics around mental health

Think we could help? Reach out to us for a free consult.

Employability Skills
  • Enable your students to be future ready and well prepared for part time work and life after school

  • Bolster resume building and interview skills

  • Provide students with an insight into what employers look for and how to balance work, life and studies

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